10 June 2010

~Ganglion Cyst~

Ganglion kat tangan aku tak sebesar ni beb! Kat sebelah atas pergelangan tangan

Benda tu dah lama wujud kat atas pergelangan tangan kiri aku. Tak besar sangat. Aku dah pernah check kat Klinik Taman Ehsan. Tapi doktor tu kata, tu ganglion cyst. Kecik aje dan kalau ia tak ganggu hidup aku, tak perlu buang (aku bertanya tu pun dalam nada penakut jer, aku tak suka klinik dan hospital). Lega aku dengan jawapan doktor tu. Macam paham2 je aku ni penakut!

Sebenarnya, cyst tu jarang2 timbul. Kalau ia timbul, aku suka 'main2', urut2. Lama2 dah tak nampak bonjol tu. Pas 3-4 bulan, mungkin keluar balik. Nak kelan kerap urut2 ke? Tah. Aku buat jer. Aku dok bayangkan, doktor bius, belah, korek2 tangan aku, jahit. Waaaa! Adik aku yang bongsu pun pernah wat small operation tapi bukan cyst macam ni la. Kat lain. Slumber je dia kata tak sakit, pas ilang ubat bius rasa macam kena gigit je. Wo, seriau!

Ni, sejak 3-4 ari lepas, cyst ni dah keluar bonjol balik. Kalau aku bengkokkan pergelangan tangan, kulit cekang, rasa pedih gak. Kena operate ke?

Hasil bacaan 1:

If you notice a bump on the back of your wrist, don’t just ignore it and get a diagnosis from your doctor as this condition may be or may not be Ganglion Cysts. In Ganglion Cysts, this fluid is filling the cysts located by the join of the wrist, elbow or knee and is jelly like.

To give you a complete and appropriate diagnosis, your doctor may do several tests like using ultrasound and also x-ray to analyze its condition. Very seldom, the doctor will suggest for an MRI due to its cost. Eventually, you will need treatment no matter what test that the doctors are suggesting.

In yesteryears long ago, Ganglion Cyst is also known as Bible Bumps and mostly diagnosed in women more than men. This maybe because the women did most cooking, cleaning and fieldwork during the years. The cyst had to be taken care as soon as possible once it is diagnosed. A family Bible will be used for the treatment where the book will be dropped upon the wrist of the patient, thus the name Bible Bumps surfaces.

Due to the chance of infection, this treatment is no longer used as there are new ways available for treatment. The fluid from the cyst can be withdrawn by placing a needle into it. This can be done if the cyst is not painful and after the fluid has been drawn, your doctor will inject a steroid liquid into the cyst. This helps with the swelling and remove the infection that may come from the less painful cyst. However if there is a tingling or numbness in your hand or fingers, a minor surgical procedure to remove the Ganglion Cyst may be suggested. In a statistics, it is shown that 85% is cured from Ganglion Cysts if the fluid extraction is done 3 times or more and 74% who have them removed once will not have reoccurences of the cyst. This shown that, with surgical procedures there are less chances for reoccurences from Ganglion Cyst. Depending on the surgery and the cyst positioning, the surgical procedure will have you splinted for 7 to 10 days and also care or physical therapy.

** Seriau! Cuak aku baca tu.

Hasil bacaan 2:

This rubbery, compressible, cyst-like swelling develops on the tendons or joints, usually on the wrist, but it can also occur on the knee or ankle. It is usually painless and harmless. A ganglion can be removed by surgery, but it frequently disappears of its own accord. However, it is wise to have any unusual lumps or swellings checked by a doctor.

Complimentary Remedies For Ganglion

Regular, firm massage can help a ganglion disperse. Add 2 drops juniper berry and 2 drops lemon essential oils to 2 tsp grape seed or sweet almond oil and use the pads of your fingers and thumb to massage over and around the ganglion, and around the wrist and hand area, for 10 minutes every morning and night. It’s also wise to exercise the affected area for several minutes 2 or 3 times a day. If pregnant, avoid juniper berry oil.

** Yang ni buat aku lega. So, btol la cara aku mengurut2 manja tu kan ^__^

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