13 February 2010



HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR for those celebrate it. (Actually, all can celebrate this eve). Got soooo many 'limau' from my students. As the payment for that 'limau', they want ANGPAU. Wa sulah kena pauuuu!!!!

"I'm not marriage yet lor. So, no angpau."


"OK teacher. So, later, please give me green pau :P''

Huh, ngada2. Bagi limau macam tak rela je. Kahkah. Anak murid aku....

HAPPY VALENTINE DAY for someone who want to celebrate it. Me???? Say no to valentine! Stop! Bukan bagus pun. Actually, lovvy dovvy day is everyday la!!!!


7am from Kepong and just arrived at hometown safely at 12.30pm! 5 hours and half! Kalau tak, paling tinggi pun 3 jam setengah jer! Cina yang nak raya, Melayu sebok balik kan....aku ler tu -_-

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