07 February 2010

~Early Feb With Fab~

I'm in my fev car! CRV! Oh, I'm die hard fan of it!
When will I have it Dear????

Kak Nolie tought me that!
"Cara orang kaya patut amik gambar"
Is it necessary???
Just tried to bee different once in a while

1st time ate steamboat @ Johnny's Selayang Mall.
Actually, I'm wearing baju Puteri Islam that day.
Pretending I'm cikgu penasihat Puteri Islam ^_^
Takkan nak pakai uniform Tekwando while teaching????

My saliva came out oredy!
Taste soooo gooooood
I like vegie!

Here's half of the set

That "greenny-overload-smile" birthday
Happy birthday Kak Nolie!!!
Enjoy the present

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