07 November 2009

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'Old age is like a bank account. You withdraw from what you've put in.'

5 simple rules to be happy:
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

I took this quotation from 1 blog while blog walking. I like it.
If we want to be happy the next day, we have to prepare it starting from today. Enjoy each of our day, make the memories memorable that you can recall when you're old.

Then, 5 ways to be happy. Mmmmm....Lets us see....

Free your heart from hatred:
Hahaha. All of us (jangan tipu!) have someone that we prefer not to see, we want to avoid (if we can). But, control ourselves not to hate them too much (jangan marah sampai mati). If you make sins with person, only that person can forgive you. Allah will not forgive unless that person forgive you first. Before this I admit I had some persons I didn't like to know, to see, to hear about them. But, growing older, forgiveness is the best. So, I feel happier now. Let them be if they didn't like you forever. As if you forgive and forget you have less chance to 'sakit hati'. 'Dia tak kacau aku, dia tak guna duit aku, let he be what he want to be.' Easy? Ya, not so easy to start.. T_T

Free your mind from worries:
Waaa. This one cannot. So many things I have to think....personal life, work, family. Arrrrgggghhhh. Sometime it make me stress. Not good! Notttt good at all! If I'm worrying, I'll be so clumsy. He told me so. This one, I should try harder next time. I want to be happy too! ^_*

Live simply:
Ya, I simply enjoy my life. Before this, ya, quite boring. When it came to Saturday and Sunday, I brought back all my undone work at school, finished it at home. My world seem stuck to work. I'm not a workaholic person but I couldn't stand to see so many work undone and still so many work to come next. Stress! Now, I enjoy my life. When it's time to work, I work, time to rest, I leave my work, time to enjoy....ya, I do so! :P

Give more, Expect less:
I think this two comes together. He always said, he gave more but I returned it less! I'm not too stress coz I always expect less. So, sometimes I couldn't realize that I give to other person too little. When they give more usually they expect to get more. +_+

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