24 June 2009

I'm so sad. No theme to write. My neurones stuck already. I miss him so much. He said he's so tired. No extra chit-chat tonight. He want to sleep. But, really....I miss him so much. I want to see him, bus yes, I know Icannot see him coz we're so far now. Long distance luv.
I cannot sleep, so my mind keep thinking of him.
I know I'm not such a romantic woman. He always says that. Sometimes, I cannot catch if he got 'sentap' and 'merajuk' mood.
Now, he's in that mood again! He said I always don't know what to do when he's like that.
Some1 help me plzzzz!
I'm sick of being like this!!!


fajridil adha said...

alahai, baik awk rindukan sy je. sy sentiasa ada utk awk. leh gitu? hehe ^_* [my blog]

fiza_sensei said...

ooooo. ek?
ok la. jawab je le....blehhhhhh
hahahaha. mari kite mrindu2