14 September 2011

~15 things you didn't know about the brain~

Tadi baca Blog Serius. Aku ambil sikit maklumat yang aku dapat dari blog tersebut. Actually Blog Serius letak info bergrafik, aku wat macam note je la ye. Ni kira refresh subjek Sains kita belajar zaman sekolah dulu dan tambahan general knowledge :)

15 things you didn't know about the brain:

1) consists of 3 parts:
     a) forebrain : controls all thoughts, senses, motor, functions, emotions and hunger.
     b) midbrain : controls auditory and visual reflexes as well as awereness.
     c) hindbrain : controls coordination and analysis of senses.

2) the brain have 2 hemispheres:
    a) left : analytical
    b) right :creative

3) the belief that we only use 10% of our brains is a myth. Every portion has a function and it is hard at work.

4) your brain has 100,000 miles worth of blood vessels. Enough to circle the Earth 4 times.

5) 100 billions neurons. These cells are known as the grey matter which process information.

6) learning a 2nd language before age 5 change how the brain will develop letter in life. These children's brains are able to produce denser grey matter by adulthood.

7) if the brain were hard drive it would hold 4 terabytes of information. Or enough to hold 4% of the entire Library of Congress's data.

8) the world champion memorization is Ben Pridmore. He is able to memorize the order of the deck of cards in 26.38s.

9) what you eat affects your brain. 1 study of 1 millions students in New York showed people who ate lunch without preservatives or artificial dyes scored 14% higher on IQ test.

10) 20% of oxygen you inhale is used by the brain.

11) size doesn't always matter.

12) scientists preserved Einstein's brain for study. It is split into 240 separate slides for viewing.

13) men process information primarily from the left side of the brain. Women tend to use both sides at the same times.

14) there is truth behind the saying men is rational and women is emotional. Women are more emotional because they have a larger limbic system which regulates emotional. Yet, men have a larger inferior-parietal lobule that controls mathematical ability.
15) in rare cases, brain goes haywire and these occur:
      a) exploding head syndrome
      b) phantom extra limb syndrome
      c) sleep parasysis

Kredit :Blog Serius :)