30 July 2009

The bengangest thing! Think positive!

Pressure is all around my head! If I can go far from work for just a couple of day, forget all the papers and files that I have to face.....It would be very nice. Go to sleep...while I open my eyes, I see the blue sky, landing on a nice green grass, with colourful lollipop in my hand. Then, I take my coolest guitar ever and play a relaxing songs while waiting for my love to come and sit beside me!
What a wonderful dream! When will I get it!
After long time nothing new in this blog, huhhhh, now I'm starting writing bout a boring topic. Huhhh.
Me, now, I'm finishing updating my Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan (LADAP) file (yesterday nite loh, I slept 3.00am!). Like I have a strong instinct telling me that 'U should by hook or by crook, settle up-date all the data/papers/reports in that file!' Just like I though before, when I'm in school, my Penolong Kanan 1(PK1) asked for that file. Thanks Allah I've done it before.
I told her, " Fizah baru siap update semalam je Kak Ros."
She said, " Nasib baek dan update. Hahaha."
She very kind, humble, generous etc.....
1st work - settle!
It not an easy work to complete the task coz I have to go 1 by 1 facing senior and super senior teachers that jest looking at my paper bagging for their 'bilangan hari berkursus'. I put it beside relief book so that all the teachers can see the paper. But sadly, they just look! JUST LOOK WITH NO ACTION! Bengang beb! That's means I have to go to each of them that 'cannot see or cannot write' before 1 by 1. Boleh plak bagi hari!
Just now, I'm finishing the report so that tomorrow I can give it to Kak Azmah before they deliver to PPD.
2nd work - settle!
1 work more. This 1 not settle yet. My PATS file! (-_-")
What PATS is stand for???Program Anjakan Terbilang Selangor. If I'm not mistaken la. Hahahahaha.
This 1 is in process!
So, work harder Teacher Hafizah!
Lastly, I'm always remember this....
'Kerja memang takkan habis, but can be reduced. Jangan pressure sangat coz it will make things get worst. Seronokkan diri baru kita enjoy our work.'
Sometimes, kita memang ada masa felt very weak, tak boleh handle nicely. Masuk kelas tengok muka budak tak mau belajar, kita jadi down....but, take it positively la kan. Semua deserve to learn and have apportunity to learn. Teacher can encourage but cannot blaming. Let them enjoy their young age. Tapi kalau over excited, aku pun bertanduk gak. Depends on the situation la. Takkan budak pijak kapla pun just say let them be what they want!


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